Curriculum  Vitae

ACCOMPLISHED WRITER | Copywriting | Social Campaigns | Screenwriting

Special gift for making brands engaging, smarter, and culturally relevant to diverse audiences.


Skilled in developing high-impact content, marketing copy, branding messages, stories, and scripts across all media outlets. Track record of meeting demanding deadlines, finding the most creative solutions for all challenges, and taking a hands-on approach in directing artists, collaborating with clients, and bringing innovative concepts to life.


Core competencies include:


  •  Branding & Advertising Strategies

  •  Multicultural Marketing & Emerging Trends

  •  Creative Direction & Team Building

  •  Client Satisfaction & Vendor Relations

  •  Television & Radio Spots

  •  Web Content & Direct Mail

  •  Multimedia Presentations & In-Store Displays



MF MEDIA, Los Angeles, CA

Freelance Copywriter / Social Media Consultant, 2007 to Present

Maintain stellar reputation for delivering superior writing and promotional concepts to all clients; known as a go-to writer and pinch hitter. Work effectively with a wide variety of companies while seamlessly coordinating different assignments. Capitalize on unique opportunities while finishing projects on time and under budget.


Notable Client Projects:


Creme of Nature: Created dualistic branding strategy that convinced die hard hair relaxer traditionalists to switch to a 100% natural, yet equally effective product, by featuring user testimonials in web content and marketing collateral.


Herbalife: Reduced production budget, met tight deadlines, and eliminated need for freelance support by reformatting distributor interview questions for in-house writers. Served as both Senior Copywriter and Associate Producer.


Simpson & Simpson, CPAs: Drove 5% increase in new client inquiries by developing persuasive web content. Designed RFP template to streamline bidding processes for government contracts.


Cork Bar and Grill: Increased weekly sales by 30% in just four months. Attracted a younger, more affluent crowd for this established restaurant by expanding social media presence through Twitter and Facebook. Directed photo shoots, designed website, and produced online content.


Melee Productions: Sold romantic comedy screenplay “Can We Still Be Friends?” for five figures.


Burrell Communications / Comcast: Generated high-impact print, digital, and radio campaigns for Comcast as a Senior Copywriter. Generated compelling advertisements and copy content.


Other clients include: JC Consulting, Melee Productions, Amazon Studios, Fluid, and the designory.


Creative Director, 2006 to 2007

Led and motivated Creative Department to peak levels of performance, rejuvenating the creative spirit of this boutique agency. Interviewed and hired highly creative professionals. Produced radio and print advertisements. Ensured campaign ideas aligned with brand and marketing objectives. Hired vendors, processed invoices, and negotiated contracts. Expertly managed projects with budgets of up to $4 million


Key Contributions:


Improved client satisfaction, account management, and production standards by implementing better production processes, and documentation/filing systems. Created photo search system to obtain free, high-quality photos.


Effectively mentored young creative talent by focusing on concepts, big ideas, and emotional storytelling. Helped creatives tap into their veins of gold by encouraging their individual expression and inspiration.


Key clients include: California Lottery and Southern California Edison.

2010 - present

2010 - present


Senior Copywriter, 2002 to 2006

Generated powerful content for direct mail, television, and radio advertisements.


Notable Client Projects:


US Army:  Increased response rate 3% by influencing predominately young, male audience with an extremely effective direct mail campaign.  Developed television and radio spots as well.


Wells Fargo Bank: Won high praise, per client statement: "Minerva gets it. She knows the objectives and her creative consistently delivers."




Copywriter, 1995 to 2002

Tackled the most challenging assignments that no one else wanted, because nothing is difficult — everything is relevant. Engaged in every aspect of production, from vetting vendors to selecting music tracks for broadcast spots and directing voice-over talent. Upon pitching and winning high-profile client’s stamp of approval, quickly fast tracked from initial Junior Writer position to full-fledged Copywriter.


Key clients include: Reebok, AT&T, Bank of America, Colgate, Coors, Ford-Lincoln Mercury, Kraft General Foods, Microsoft, Palmolive, and Whirlpool.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Screenwriting | American Film Institute (AFI), Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Film Production | CUNY Hunter College, New York, NY

Screenwriting, Certificate Program | University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Boot Camp for Screenwriting | Gotham Writers, New York, NY


Currently enrolled in Gamificaiton course to learn the application of digital game design techniques to non-game challenges.


Novelist.  Screenwriter, Copywriter

Ex-Runner, Current Swimmer

Photographer @

Blogger @